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I am a Housemistress looking after 50+ 13-18 year old girls. In this role I have encountered every practical & pastoral issue. I use this knowledge & experience to share, not just anecdotes, but practical strategies to support young people, families and professionals.

As a CEOP Ambassador I provide accredited CPD on E-Safety

Being trained in Solution Focused Coaching enables me to help professionals & young people find their next-steps & own answers.

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Presentations & Workshops


 Depending on your setting I offer bespoke training & talks. These can be tailored for staff, parents and students (11-18yrs) on a number of key topics. Scroll down to see part of a practical well-being workshop. 

Consultancy & Resource Creation


 With a wide variety of experience in delivering pastoral provision I offer a consultancy service writing bespoke resources, handbooks, process and procedure documents.   

In conversation with André Tomlin (The Mental Elf)

HeadStart Workshop

A run through of the Pastoral Toolkit and how I approach pastoral care.

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