Day in the Life of...


Teaching Housemistress

 0620   Alarm goes. I get   up. Dogs are pushed out into the garden as I walk round to the boarding house   front door. I unlock and turn the alarm off turning on the lights as I go.   The room where the mobile phones have been kept overnight is unlocked, as is   the kitchen!     

0630   Large mug of   coffee made, let the dogs in, and back to bed. I put BBC One on and check the   news.     

0730   I walk through to   the girls’ side (with another mug of tea/coffee) put on the radio, grab the   house register. I check the plans for the day and write any important   messages on the House noticeboard. I sit on the sofa in the foyer ready to   welcome the girls and say good morning.     

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Head of Boarding: Prep


  • National Minimum Standards discussion- assess where we are and are there any areas we need to look at. 
  • Budget Review of what has been spent. 
  • CPD requirements of staff identified, what courses could we suggest staff went on 
  • Fire assessment checks, check that these have been done and records up to date 
  • Risk assessment checks, check that these have been done and records up to date 
  • Discussion new initiatives: any suggestions of ways the boarding could be moved forward or changed  

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Non-Teaching Housemistress

 4.30 and 5.45 We catch up with the girls about their day and listen to their triumphs and disappointments. There are extra-curricular activities every weekday and many girls will be out at a club. They are encouraged to take part in 3 a week.   

5.45-6.30: Dinner time Once again, we go up to the main building and register girls. We keep a discreet eye on them to make sure their diet is varied and balanced.  

 6.30 – 8 Prep time Year 7&8s do their prep at tables in the common room under the watchful eye of the gap student or a housemistress. The year 9&10s work at their desks and the other member of staff will check on them to make sure they are quiet and working. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we also take out groups of girls on local trips. The girls choose where to go and often choose a trip out for a meal, or cinema.      

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Teaching Housemaster

21.00 At this point matron will leave. Although all information will have been written in the day book and I will have been emailed throughout the day, it is still good to speak to matron to go over any issues that have arisen over the course of the evening.  

21.00 – 22.10 I sit in matron’s office at this point or go to speak to any boys where I feel a pastoral chat would have a benefit. This is the time where informal issues can be solved. The boys will usually be in the House in one of the social rooms and are well used to me or the duty tutor popping in and speaking to them. 

22.10 – The duty tutor will have put the 3rd Form and 4th Form to bed and collected in phones and computers. The tutor then leaves the House and the final bed times are then supervised by me. 

22.45 – All pupils will be in their beds with lights out. I will check 6th Formers are in their rooms with no audible noise.     

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Choristers' Boarding House


Breakfast is at 7.30am, and our children come along to this as well. Depending on the day, this will be continental or something cooked. As well as cereals, juices, and porridge.

The Choristers go off for a singing rehearsal after breakfast which takes them right up to the start of the school day (although of course they started far earlier!) And I get my elder son off to school. 

After the choristers finish their morning rehearsal, they are then participating in a ‘normal’ full school day. I do some part time teaching, and look after my younger son, as well as deal with lots of boarding admin during the day. My husband teaches full time at the school. 

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